Academic Bankruptcy

The Academic Standing Committee may allow a freshman student to declare academic bankruptcy and repeat the semester or academic year with a new start on the cumulative average (though a record of the year’s work will remain on the transcript).

Internal transfer students and students who have switched degree programs within the CLAS may be permitted to bankrupt individual courses that do not apply to their new curriculum. CORE requirements or electives cannot be bankrupted, the process is only for courses that are not required for the new major. Before a student may request bankruptcy for specific courses, he or she must have successfully completed two consecutive semesters in the CLAS and attained a minimum GPA of 2.50 in each semester. Bankrupted courses will remain on the student’s transcript but will be excluded from the calculation of the GPA and earned credit hours. Students must petition the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students for the exclusion (Susan Jacobs in OUS, SAC 107).

All requests for Academic Bankruptcy are granted at the discretion of the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students (Susan Jacobs in OUS, SAC 107). Once a course has been bankrupted the action is permanent and cannot be reversed. In no case will tuition be refunded.