Academic Dismissal

A student who has not met the academic standards of the College (as determined by the Academic Standing Committee and described below) will be dismissed from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences after two consecutive semesters below a 2.0 cumulative grade point average and/or failure to make academic progress (successful completion of at least 12 credits a semester). Additionally, students on probation who have any of the following grades “N”, “Y”, “F”, “NF”, “U”, or “W” are subject to dismissal from the College. The Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students (Susan Jacobs in OUS, SAC 107) will inform the student of the dismissal as soon as possible. Typically, the student will be allowed to appeal that dismissal to the Academic Standing Committee and the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students. There is no additional process of appeal beyond the Assistant Dean. In some cases (e.g., when the student has had previous warnings or been on probation), the student may, at the determination of the College, be dismissed without right of appeal.