Academic Probation

A student on academic probation will normally be allowed only one semester to raise his or her grade point average to the required minimum. Once a student has been notified of their probationary status, the student is required to contact their faculty advisor immediately to discuss their probationary status and develop an academic plan for success. While on academic probation, a student may be limited to 13 credits (4 courses), is required to pass all courses of three or more credits, and earn a C (2.00) or higher in those courses. Additionally, students on probation must complete all coursework on time and are not eligible for “N” (incomplete) grades and any “Y”, “F”, “NF”, “U”, or “W” grades may subject them to dismissal from the College. Students who cannot make satisfactory academic progress (successful completion of a minimum of 12 credits per semester) are also subject to academic dismissal from the College.