Classical Studies, B.A.

Program Director: Valentina DeNardis, Ph.D.
Office Location: Saint Augustine Center Rm. 304
Telephone: (610) 519-6165


The Classical Studies Program explores the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, from the beginnings of Greek civilization to the fall of the Roman empire. Our program is interdisciplinary, embracing the study of classical languages, literatures, history, art and archaeology, philosophy and religion. The program offers courses which may satisfy requirements for the Core Curriculum of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

MAJOR (30 credits)

The major requires 10 courses and at least 30 credits.

Required Courses:

  • A minimum of one GRK or LAT course, or CLA 2021 (3 cr)
  • CLA 6001: Senior Classics Capstone (3 cr)
  • Eight additional courses in any combination of courses in the classical languages and/or courses taught in English on classical civilization including any course with the CLA or CLST attribute. (24 cr)



The five-year B.A./M.A. program allows exceptional students to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Classical Studies in five years. In the last year of undergraduate study students take three graduate courses that count towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees.


The above program requirements are applicable to students entering Fall 2020. Please consult the appropriate archived handbook available on the homepage for years prior to these requirements. In order that programs offered by Villanova University reflect current advances and additions to knowledge and upgraded professional requirements, Villanova University reserves the right to change programs and requirements without prior notice. Students generally are bound to the requirements in effect and published online for the year in which their class begins its first year of study. Special requirements may be in effect for students who have left the University and are being readmitted. Students are advised to check with the web catalog or with their college offices regarding changes that may affect them. Additional academic information may be obtained from the various college offices and the web sites listed for the particular policies, programs and services found in this catalog. 




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