COM 3341 : Gender and Film

This course attends to the role of cinematic images in the cultural production of gender in contemporary societies. Students analyze images of gender in a variety of films, as well as the work of film makers who have been marginalized because of gender. This analysis of specific films is grounded in course readings taken from primary sources in feminist film theory and criticism, gender theory and media studies. Students will have the opportunity to propose and explore analytic, creative, and/or theoretical projects within the purview of the course theme. Outside viewing required. (Pre-requisites will be waived for Women's Studies concentrators or minors).


COM 2200 or COM 2240 or COM 2280 or COM 2300 or COM 2340 or COM 2400 or COM 2440





Last Offered

Fall 2020, Fall 2019, Fall 2017, Fall 2016