English Minor

Program Contact: Joseph Drury, Ph.D, Associate Professor
Office Location: Saint Augustine Center, Room 402


The English department believes that skillful, self-aware reading, writing, and thinking provide a foundation for meaningful living. We seek to develop forms of analysis and expression that are both critical and creative and that help us comprehend the multiple cultural practices and values of the twenty-first century. Villanova English majors acquire a broad understanding of Anglophone literary history as well as familiarity with the major genres of the tradition. A department of accomplished scholars, we focus on undergraduate education and make our majors the center of pedagogy. While preserving the value of literature as a cultural form, we cultivate in our students the analytical skills necessary for negotiating today’s rapidly changing world. 

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ENGLISH MINOR (15 credits)

To complete an English Minor, you take five English courses (15 credits) numbered 1800 or higher, with the exception of 1975, which cannot be counted. To declare an English Minor, students should complete the application for an English Minor located here

Required Minor Courses: 

  • At least one course must come from the Non-American Anglophone literature offerings. All 3000-level courses count, as well as ENG 2101 and 2102 [The British Literary Tradition I and II] (3 cr)
  • At least one course must come from the Literature of the Americas offerings. All 4000-level courses count, as well as ENG 2103 and 2104 [The American Literary Tradition I and II] (3 cr)
  • The other three courses may be courses that focus on literature (ENG 2100-5000, as well as 1842), courses that focus on writing and rhetoric (ENG 2000-2099, as well as 1842), or both (9 cr)

Program Notes:

  • At least three of these courses must be taken at Villanova.

  • Course numbers from 2000 to 4999 refer only to the subjects that the course cover, and do not reflect the level or difficulty.


The above program requirements are applicable to students entering Fall 2020. Please consult the appropriate archived handbook available on the homepage for years prior to these requirements. In order that programs offered by Villanova University reflect current advances and additions to knowledge and upgraded professional requirements, Villanova University reserves the right to change programs and requirements without prior notice. Students generally are bound to the requirements in effect and published online for the year in which their class begins its first year of study. Special requirements may be in effect for students who have left the University and are being readmitted. Students are advised to check with the web catalog or with their college offices regarding changes that may affect them. Additional academic information may be obtained from the various college offices and the web sites listed for the particular policies, programs and services found in this catalog.