Geography, B.A.

Chair: Nathaniel Weston, Ph.D.
Program Director: Stephen Strader, Ph.D.
Office Location: Suite G67, Mendel Science Center
Telephone: 610-519-3336


The Department of Geography and the Environment offers B.A. degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies, and a B.S. in Environmental Science.  The department also offers minors in Geography and Sustainability Studies. The department’s overarching objective is to integrate the disciplines of geography and environmental science to seek an understanding of human and environmental patterns, the processes that produce those spatial patterns, and salient human and environmental problems that face modern society.  The department has three teaching and five research labs; and the department has a full suite of state-of-the-art geospatial software and equipment.

MAJOR (37 credits)

The B.A. in Geography provides a well-rounded and useful education and marketable skills to students with interests in the spatial patterns of society and the environment. It focuses on the interactions of humans with the natural and physical environments of Earth from a special perspective. Towards this end, the program’s graduates will have a fundamental understanding of the human social dynamics and physical patterns and processes at the Earth’s surface, such as globalization, climatic variation and natural disasters within the context of places, landscapes, and regions. Graduates will also be trained in the use of geospatial technologies as tools in addressing many modern concerns. The program is founded on the principle that geographical knowledge of place, space, and scale can provide essential insights into contemporary social and environmental issues and variation in human cultures and behaviors, and promotes the idea that such insight is critical to managing the Earth at local, regional and global scales.

Program Notes:

  • A 1000-level topics course may substitute for either GEV 1002 or GEV 1003. 

Required Major Courses:

Item #
Geography Elective (Above 2000)  +
Geography Elective (Above 2000)  +
Geography Elective (Above 2000)  +


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