Grade Definitions and Values

A (4.00), A- (3.67)

The highest academic grade possible; an honor grade which is not automatically given to a student who ranks highest in the course, but is reserved for accomplishment that is truly distinctive and demonstrably outstanding. It represents a superior mastery of course material and is a grade that demands a very high degree of understanding as well as originality or creativity as appropriate to the nature of the course. The grade indicated that the student works independently with unusual effectiveness and often takes the initiative in seeking new knowledge outside the formal confines of the course.

B+ (3.33), B (3.00), B- (2.67)

A grade that denotes achievement considerably above acceptable standards. Good mastery of course materials evident and student performance demonstrates a high degree of originality, creativity, or both. The grade indicates that the student works well independently and often demonstrates initiative. Analysis, synthesis, and critical expression, oral or written, are considerably above average.

C+ (2.33), C (2.00), C- (1.67)

Indicates a satisfactory degree of attainment and is the acceptable standard for graduation from college. It is the grade that may be expected of a student of average ability who gives to the work a reasonable amount of time and effort. This grade implies familiarity with the content of the course and acceptable mastery of course material; it implies that the student displays some evidence of originality and/or creativity, and works independently at an acceptable level and completes all requirements.

D+, (1.33), D (1.00), D- (0.67)

Denotes a limited understanding of the subject matter, meeting only the minimum requirement for passing the course. It signifies work which in quality and/or quantity falls below the average acceptable standard for passing the course. Performance is deficient in analysis, synthesis, and critical expression; there is little evidence of originality, creativity, or both. Note: D- is the lowest passing grade awarded.

F (0.00)

Indicates inadequate or unsatisfactory attainment, serious deficiency in understanding of course material, and/or failure to complete requirements of the course.

N Incomplete: Course work not completed.
S Satisfactory
Assigned in Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory courses.
SP Satisfactory
Progress (for use at Mid-Term Only)
U Unsatisfactory
Assigned in Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory courses.
Approved withdrawal without penalty.
Approved withdrawal with penalty.
Unofficial withdrawal from course (or for freshmen, failure for excessive absences)
NG (Or Blank)
no grade reported.All grades are permanent except for N and NG, which are temporary grades and must be replaced with grades submitted by the instructor. If a change is not submitted, the N or NG automatically becomes an NF. Students must submit all work to instructors by the last Friday in January (Fall semester) or June (Spring semester). Instructors must submit replacement grades by the second Friday in February (Fall semester) or July (Spring semester).

View the full policy and grading information on the Office of the Registrar's website here.