Grade Extensions on Incomplete Grades

Students who have taken an incomplete (i.e., “N”) grade and need additional time to complete the work due to further extenuating circumstances must first gain the professor’s approval. If the professor grants the request, the student and professor must agree upon a completion date for the work, complete a “Request for Grade Extension on an Incomplete Grade” form, and submit it to the Office for Undergraduate Students for the Assistant Dean’s approval prior to the initial deadline for the submission of incomplete work, which is posted on the online academic calendar. Students may only extend the deadline for courses in which an incomplete was taken once with the Assistant Dean’s approval. Students may be required to submit supporting documentation.  

The remaining coursework must be completed and submitted by the established deadline or the grade will convert to an “NF” grade, which is calculated as an F in the student’s GPA. No further grade extensions are possible. Any discrepancies for an Incomplete N grade must be resolved before the completion of the following semester.

Students requesting an extension can complete the "Request for a Grade Extension on an Incomplete Grade" form available on MyNova.