Office for Undergratuate Students Directory

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Susan Jacobs, M.A., Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students
SaraBeth Baker, Graduate Certification Specialist
Sofia Bermudez, M.Ed., Assistant Director of Professional Development
Linda Boettcher, M.A., Director of Academic Advising
Andy Bove, M.A., Associate Director of Academic Advising
Charles Francisco, Outreach Specialist
Russell Gardner, Ph.D., Director for Science Advising
Charlotte Holmes, Coordinator for Professional Development
Kathleen Matkowski, Administrative Coordinator
Betty Lee Patch, M.A., Transfer Student Advisor
Charisma Presley-Dougherty, Retention Manager
Louise Russo, Ph.D., Director of Health Professions Advising
Drew Stackhouse, Assistant Director, Systems Management
Kate Szumanski, M.A., M.S., Director of Professional Development
Jordan Toy, Director of Student Services
Ann Trail, M.Ed., Health Professions Advisor

Office: 107 St. Augustine Center for the Liberal Arts

Telephone: 610-519-3900