Summary of Core Curriculum Course Requirements

I. Foundation Courses

  1. Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS 1000/1001) (2 courses)
  2. Theology and Religious Studies (THL 1000) (1 course) 
  3. Philosophy (PHI 1000) (1 course)
  4. Ethics (ETH 2050) (1 course)

II. Language Requirement (Proficiency)  

III. Mathematics or Statistics (1 course) 

IV. Natural Sciences (2 courses w/ labs) 

V. Literature and Writing Seminar (1 course)  

VI. History (1 course) 

VII. Social Sciences (2 courses)  

VIII. Fine Arts (1 course)

IX. Theology and Religious Studies – Upper Division (1 course) 

Diversity Requirement 
Two of the courses counting towards degree requirements must have a Diversity attribute. Select one course from two of the three possible areas of diversity as indicated by the Diversity 1, Diversity 2, or Diversity 3 attributes. (See detailed explanation below)

Transfer credit will not be accepted for Core Curriculum courses once a student has matriculated into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.