Transfer Credit Hours

Transferring Courses from Full-Time Enrollment 

Students who wish to receive credit for college courses taken at another institution prior to attending Villanova must present an official transcript, course descriptions, and other documentation as needed to the Office for Undergraduate Students. Transfer credit may be awarded for college-level courses used to meet high school graduation requirements (subject to the criteria listed below). Courses will be considered for transfer credit only upon receipt of an official transcript and copies of official course descriptions. In some cases, it may be necessary to review the course syllabus to determine whether credit may be granted. It is the responsibility of the student to supply all necessary documentation. 

Please note the following policies concerning transfer courses: 

  • In order to receive credit for a course taken at another institution, a student must have earned a grade of C or higher, and there must be an equivalent Villanova course.
  • Grades earned in courses taken at other institutions are not factored into a student’s Villanova grade point average. 
  • Transfer credits may be used to fulfill no more than half of the required courses for each of the following: CLAS degree, major, minor or concentration, and CLAS Core Curriculum. 
  • Courses taken at two-year institutions, including community colleges, are eligible for transfer credit.
  • Students may transfer a maximum of five non-CLAS courses that have equivalents in the other Villanova academic colleges (Business, Engineering, and Nursing). Students who wish to have such courses evaluated for transfer credit must submit course descriptions and/or syllabi to the appropriate college for review. 
  • Courses should be presented for evaluation prior to a student’s first semester at Villanova. Courses presented after the student’s first year at Villanova will no longer be eligible for credit. 

College Courses Taken Prior to High School Graduation

College-level work completed prior to high school graduation, including college courses that fulfill high school graduation requirements, may be awarded transfer credits upon receipt of the following:

  1. an official letter from the high school principal, secondary school counselor or other educational professional describing the college-level program of study. 
  2. an official letter from the college/university stating that the courses were taught by members of the regular faculty, open to enrollment by and graded in competition with regularly matriculated undergraduates at the college and a regular part of the normal curriculum published in the college catalog; 
  3. a course syllabus; and 
  4. an official, seal-bearing transcript from the college/university showing a grade of C or better. Credit or advanced standing for courses taught at the high school will not be accepted. 

With respect to courses taught in a distance learning format, and for other requirements, each academic program will review on a case by case basis. Each supporting document is to be sent to the Dean of the College in which the student is enrolling. 

All pre-matriculated credit must be accepted and approved before the completion of two semesters at Villanova. 

Enrolling in Courses at Another Institution as a Villanova Student 

Once a student has matriculated in a degree program at Villanova University, credit for courses from other universities may only be transferred to Villanova under certain circumstances. Students may request to enroll in courses at another institution through filling out the “Request to Enroll in Courses at Another Institution” online form. The Office for Undergraduate Students must receive official transcripts for approved courses taken elsewhere before the completion of two subsequent semesters at Villanova. Credits will not be accepted for courses that take place during terms that do not align with Villanova’s academic calendar.