Transfer Students

External Transfer Students 

Students wishing to transfer to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences after having attended a college or university other than Villanova must submit a formal application to the Office of University Admission. Candidates for transfer admission ordinarily will have completed a minimum of five college courses of three credits or more with a grade of C or better in each course and earned a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0. Students who previously applied to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and were placed on the waiting list will be considered for transfer admission. External transfer applicants must indicate if they are applying to another Villanova academic college in addition to the CLAS. Students who have transferred from another institution to the CLAS are not eligible to transfer internally to any of the other Villanova academic colleges. If you intend to earn a degree from the School of Business, College of Nursing, or College of Engineering, you must apply directly to that college. Transfer applications must be received by June 1 for Fall Semester applicants and November 1 for Spring Semester applicants. Offers of admission are contingent upon successful completion of the current semester’s courses and may be rescinded. Applicants must present appropriate documentation in order to receive credit for courses taken at their previous institution (see above criteria). Students intending to transfer more than fifteen courses must apply to and be accepted into a major prior to enrollment. 

Internal Transfer Students 

Students who wish to transfer to the CLAS from other Villanova academic colleges CLAS must complete the Application to Enter the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and must read and sign the CLAS Internal Transfer Policy form. (These forms are available on-line and in the Office for Undergraduate Students.) Applicants will be notified of an admissions decision at the end of the semester during which the application was submitted. The minimum criterion for admission to the CLAS is a GPA of 2.33 for all Arts courses taken at Villanova. Students are not permitted to transfer from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to the College of Professional Studies.